ProIndia services provides strategic guidance and technology systems for clients wishing to analyze the key information areas of human resources in an effort to increase overall organizational performance. ProIndia’s experience with analytics is rooted in the origins of decision support systems. With successful projects all over the world, the ProIndia service is the most decorated group of experts on the planet.

Workforce Profile

Provide core data foundation for HR reporting and analysis in headcount, attrition, diversity and headcount movement. Provide workforce planning with easy visibility into global staffing, retention, contingent labor usage, and improved workforce performance by focusing on internal mobility and talent development. Monitor workforce diversity compliance.

Payroll & Compensation

Monitor total payroll costs, e.g. payroll costs, overtime spend, and variable compensation. Analyze employee compensation with performance; reward and retain high performers with potential.

Learning Management

Assess learning offerings and how those programs affect employee performance and tenure, and monitor program enrollment and completion to understand how activity and completion affect quality of workforce.

Absence & Accrual Analytics

Monitor planned and unexpected absence events to gain greater insight into lost productivity, and measure absence events over time to highlight trends and exceptions

Recruitment Efficiency

A complete set of metrics measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire recruitment lifecycle including new hires’ post-hire performance. Better measure quality of hire, optimize candidate sourcing, analyze recruitment pipeline and ‘hire-to-retire’ process efficiency, and monitor vacancies and reduce time to fill.

Human Resource Management System Scorecard (HRMS)

ProIndia services are continually seeking to augment their analytical capabilities with the construction of an HRMS Scorecard that provides simplified key metrics in the areas of Employee turnover, At-risk employees, Employee headcount, Employee demographics, Employee diversity, Performance, Promotions, Transfers, and new hires

Employee Survey Analytics

Providing management powerful measurements and metrics around employment satisfaction.

Time & Labor Analytics

Monitor timecard status and late timecard submission. Analyze reported productive/non-productive time and estimate reported time cost. Managers can gain insight into hidden causes and costs of overtime, absences, and low productivity. Reconcile reported time with time posted to payroll and projects. When integrated with Project Analytics, Time & Labor Analytics can analyze reported time & labor cost by project and project resources.