Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

ProIndia Services provides tools and a proven methodology to unlock the valuable data stored within ERP systems to increase revenue, reduce costs, maximize efficiency, and support strategic decision-making for clients wishing to solve their most complex and interesting business challenges. ProIndia Services experience with analytics is rooted in the origins of decision support systems. With successful projects all over the world, the ProIndia team is the most decorated group of experts on the planet.

Custom Data Warehouse For ERP

ProIndia Services extensive data mining and architecture experience helps clients build comprehensive data models that support a variety of custom information delivery needs.

Pre-Packaged ERP Analytics: Oracle BI Applications

Packaged ERP analytics allow users to share and analyze the data that the ERP applications collect from across the enterprise. ProIndia Services's deep expertise in major ERP platforms and Oracle’s pre-packaged analytical applications allows our award-winning team to rapidly deploy solutions

Application Extensions

ProIndia Services has developed pre-packaged analytical solutions that extend the functionality of pre-packaged ERP analytics software into areas of ERP the software vendors have not covered. These application extensions are designed to save our clients time and money.

Data Integration

ProIndia simplifies and speeds the data integration process, allowing customers to make smarter and timelier business decisions. ProIndia's pre-built connectors seamlessly pull data, metadata and transaction detail from multiple ERP systems, whether cloud-based or on-premise, to build and populate an analytics application.