eCommerce ERP

ProIndia's eCommerce solutions allow you to set up an online shop, share information electronically inside the company or create a web page introducing your business. The ERP ecommerce system is very flexible, as users can connect to it from any place that has an internet connection, even by using a real-time client on a smartphone or tablet.

  • Working from any location with an internet connection, also with a laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Fully integrated e-mail
  • Fully integrated e-mail
  • Conferences for sharing documents, publishing news or participating in discussions
  • Tools for easily creating a corporate website
  • Web shop, supporting sales both to business and retail customers
  • Corporate portal, giving access through a browser to e-mails, tasks and calendar items, reports or other information. The same tools can be used to allow customers view real-time Statements or their order status, or enter data from a web browser
  • Built-in security