Maintaining the lead in a dynamic market is a continuous process. SAP solutions can give organizations the right leverage to keep an edge over competition. Allowing the consolidation of information, from numerous functions, under a single system, SAP solutions aid the effective alignment of business processes to business goals.

ProIndia Services provides SAP solutions that allow organizations to connect the entire enterprise together. Our unique blend of domain, functional and technology skills, help us deliver the right solutions that enable clients to streamline their business processes, increasing overall efficiency and effectiveness.

Enterprise Resource planning (ERP) could be a complete integrated code program that allows equivalence within the business operations. Throughout the length and breadth of your organization, youíll maintain sleek operations and consistency with the assistance of ERP software.

Executives and management got to embrace tools, processes, and metrics that drive integration and performance. Higher effectiveness and transparency is gained by combining conventional services with newer ideas on strategy, performance and price management. Here, one can go through enterprise performance management services like: balanced scorecard, strategic management, profitability & cost management and performance management.

As new e-business applications take their place at the core of the many organizationsí business processes, enterprises are dependent than ever on the standard and responsibility of their mission-critical software systems. If e-business applications donít seem to be developed with rigorous software development and enterprise change management processes, firms will face system failures and period of time, loss of worker productivity, limitations on growth, expensive redesigns and loss of client base.

In addition, ProIndia Services has invested in a dedicated SAP Center of Excellence (CoE), which works on a best practices framework to guarantee best in class program management, quality assured deliverables and rich business and technical insights.

Different modules which are included in the Hospital Management System:

  • Helpdesk
  • Patient Registration Module
  • Outpatient Management Module
  • Doctorís workbench/CPOE
  • Inpatient and Ward Management
  • Patient Billing Insurance
  • Pharmacy Module
  • General Stores/ Inventory
  • Laboratory Information System
  • Radiology Management Module
  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Dietary Module